Steps to Small Business Success with Assistance




 I am Michelle Brown-Droese

I completed my Master in Business Administration in Boston where I mastered the tools and techniques used by the “big guys” to further their profits. 

 MBA in hand, I set out on a mission:

I analyzed, measured and re-calculated how the costly Ivy League business tools could be used more simply and cheaply for the other 99%.

I visited local businesses to assess needs and discovered 9 out of 10:

  • haphazardly assigned pricing

  • described their business as barely scraping by

  • didn’t know the difference between revenue and profit

That’s when I knew I HAD to DO something!

Surpass Business Alliance was born and I created the OnlyWhatsNeeded MBA (OWNmba).

With an OWNmba:

You learn to use the tools taught in top-tier MBA programs.

I have reconstructed and fine-tuned these tools over the past 7 years, with REAL business owners, so that YOU can put them to work for your business NOW and become equipped with a solid foundation to make the most out of your business.



Knock Knock who’s there? CLARITY!!!!  …….. and one Ah-mazing Michelle Brown-Droese! Michelle … just helped me make sense of all my ideas and how they fit together in a way that makes sense! Thank you so much!!!!

Rita Golstein-Galperin

Founder, Author GROW Abroad, Expat Renaissance

Michelle Brown-Droese.….has become my go-to person for clarity and clear content. Over the last couple of weeks – we have spent ….. hours … together working on my business – to infuse my current business with some new fresh ideas and strategy that I want to start implementing in 2017.

Best business decision I made – investment value – PRICELESS …

I do not know where you are right now in your business, but don’t let this year go by again without clarity, strategy and focus. There is a lady called Michelle out there whose main purpose is to help you demystify all the clutter you are struggling with. If you don’t believe me, get in touch with her yourself and request a call.

Michelle is absolutely amazing. She goes above and beyond her call of duty. She is committed and I just had to share this because I know there are some things I definitely do not want to struggle with anymore especially around my message and clarity.

Lisa Chuma

Founder/CEO, TEDx Speaker, Women's Expo Switzerland

Michelle…. Thank you so much for working with me! Following your guidelines I have been able to increase my revenue by 66%!! You have been a great help!

Sara Sanchez

Child Education Specialist

Michelle is bringing the MBA home, using common sense, conversational language, and tons of heart! Connect with her; she’s a powerhouse of information!

Shannon Densmore-Townsend

Founder/CEO, Shannon Townsend Coaching

Do you know what….It was awesome to get that MBA model stamp on my business! Working with Michelle really helped pull my mindset from hobby to profit opportunities, and I love that I have the foundational blueprint that I can keep coming back to and tweaking as my business evolves. No desire to go back and study, but the MBA knowledge that would benefit me in digestible chunks? Yes please!

Marisa Niparts


 Michelle is a great resource for entrepreneurs of Boston neighborhoods! They have provided nothing but positive feedback and stress Michelle’s extensive experience and knowledge of areas affecting small business.

Max Gruner

Executive Director, East Boston Main Streets


I actually have an MBA, from an accredited institution and a certificate from MIT.

I have worked with business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and mompreneurs, both on-line and off-line, for over 20 years.

I am an educator and trainer:

  • I have taught classes on business topics and business tools for over 20 years.

  • I have designed and taught business courses for the state of Massachusetts.

  • I have designed and taught business courses for the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice at Northeastern University and other world renown institutions.

  • I have consulted for, created business curricula, and taught for local Main Street America™ affiliates. 

I was asked to serve as an expert on small businesses at Harvard Fall 2016!

The course I taught at Harvard is the basis for the very thing I have for you today. I developed my own version of the Business Model Canvas (from Strategyzer) that I call the

OWNmba Business Success Model Blueprint©

for business owners just like you.


I have worked with clients across many industries including:





Online Entrepreneurs 



Training and Development


Women’s Leadership


I have been featured as a small business expert and speaker at these fine institutions:

I have worked with clients from many countries across the world including:



Costa Rica






United Kingdom

United States